Add These Features To Create the Ideal Kid-friendly Pool

Add These Features To Create the Ideal Kid-friendly Pool

Add These Features To Create the Ideal Kid-friendly PoolIt is no secret that children love pools. Read on to learn about some great features you can add to your pre-existing or brand-new pool to make it an ultimate kids' retreat. If you want to spice up your backyard, Cruz Landscaping, located in Lexington, South Carolina, can help you design the perfect pool for you and your family.

A Shallow End

A shallow area is not only beneficial for children; it is also ideal for those who want to wade around casually or do water aerobics. Generally, a shallow area slopes gradually into deeper water. In shallow areas, several steps are often integrated into the edge of the pool.

Water Features

In addition to adding beauty to your pool, water features offer great entertainment as well. Waterfalls, water curtains, and fountains are all popular water features. Water features are also effective at keeping water clean. Since the water is constantly moving, it prevents algae growth.


If a pool is deep enough, slides can be an appealing addition. If the distance between the end of the slide and the water is less than three inches, the depth of the water needs to be at least two feet. This depth increases to three feet if the person using the slide is taller than 48 inches. You can install slides independently from the pool or incorporate them into the design of the pool by using rocks and other natural materials.


Although it is fun to splash in the sun, everyone needs a break from the harsh rays. You can create enough shade over one edge of your pool without having to leave the water by building a canopy or palapa.

Pool Installation in Lexington

If you're ready to install a new pool or update your current one, reach out to Cruz Landscaping, the premier pool, landscape, and hardscape designer in Lexington, SC. Our team is looking forward to working with you to design the pool of your dreams! Give us a call at (803) 721-4085 to learn more about our services or request an estimate in Lexington and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

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Posted: November 2021

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