Create a Backyard Ecosystem in Lexington

Create a Backyard Ecosystem in Lexington

Create a Backyard Ecosystem in LexingtonEven though we all want a desirable yard, many designs require squabbling with nature and tons of maintenance. Following our guide below will allow you to have a beautiful yard that is also environmentally friendly. Consider hiring a professional landscaper when you decide to turn your yard into an ecological paradise. Cruz Landscaping, located in Lexington, South Carolina, can help you design the perfect landscape for you and your family.

The Power of the Sun

It makes sense to use solar-powered accessories in a humid and sunny climate like South Carolina. In today's market, solar string lights, lampposts, and garden stakes are easily found. Install solar-powered fans around your patio for a light breeze.

Plant a Garden

Building your own garden is another way to create an environmentally friendly yard. Many fruits and vegetables can be grown in South Carolina, including beets, green beans, tomatoes, and watermelon. Composting can reduce food and yard waste, while using a compost mix will help your garden flourish.

Recycle Rainwater

Recycling rainwater is an easy way to save water and lighten your utility bill. Choose porous surfaces to help rainwater soak into the soil when designing your landscape. Water can also be collected on your roof by adding rain barrels.

Sustainable Landscaping

Native plants are the foundation of sustainable landscaping. Local plants will thrive in your environment and require less maintenance. Large shrubs such as inkberry holly and wild rhododendrons grow well in Lexington’s climate. Flowers such as crested iris and foamflower also love the weather. Plant trees to create pockets of shade throughout your yard with the help of a professional landscaper. Even strategically-placed trees can lower air-conditioning costs.

Professional Landscape Design in Lexington

If you're ready to transform your yard into an ecosystem, reach out to Cruz Landscaping, the premier landscape, pool, and hardscape designer in Lexington, SC. Our team is looking forward to working with you to design the yard of your dreams! Give us a call at (803) 721-4085 to learn more about our services or request an estimate in Lexington and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

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Posted: December 2021

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