Does Your Lawn Get Enough Water? A Few Tips from Our Lexington Landscaping Experts

Does Your Lawn Get Enough Water? A Few Tips from Our Lexington Landscaping Experts

Does Your Lawn Get Enough Water? A Few Tips from Our Lexington Landscaping ExpertsMaking sure your plants get the proper water balance can be tough, especially in warm climates. Our guide below discusses how to prevent your flora from being over or underwatered. If you would prefer an expert opinion or want to opt for professional lawn care, Cruz Landscaping, located in Lexington, South Carolina, can keep your yard looking lush throughout the year.

Here's How To Water

To foster growth, different plants require different watering techniques. Hand watering is the best approach if you have a small yard or a lot of delicate or potted plants. Installing a sprinkler system is your best bet for large, grassy yards, trees, and tough shrubs. Sprinkler systems are also useful for plants that need to be watered several times per day. Portable sprinklers can also be used in smaller yards or for plants that require more water. This allows you to modify the sprinkler's direction to best suit your needs.

Set Up a Watering Schedule

It's better to water plants in Lexington early in the morning or after sunset, so the heat doesn't evaporate most of the water. You may also need to modify the amount of water you use in the summer versus the winter; many plants become dormant in the winter and require less water. Keep an eye out for rain. Plants do not require watering after a storm, and overwatering can be harmful.

Know Your Soil

What are the signs that you have added enough water? When there is enough water in a potted plant, it will begin to seep out of the bottom of the container. To check for moisture in plants that are already in the ground, use a moisture sensor or stick a spade into the soil near the plant. When you can feel dampness 6 to 12 inches into the soil, there is adequate water.

Professional Landscaping in Lexington

If you want to keep your yard looking vibrant, reach out to Cruz Landscaping, the premier landscape, pool, and hardscape designer in Lexington, SC. Our team is looking forward to working with you to offer everything from landscape advice to lawn care! Give us a call at (803) 721-4085 to learn more about our services or request an estimate in Lexington and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

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Posted: March 2022

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