How to Tell if Your Pool Needs Repairs

How to Tell if Your Pool Needs Repairs

The effects of time, excessive use, and extreme weather eventually wear all pools out. You can tell if yours needs to be repaired by a few common signs. Consider having a professional inspect your pool if you notice evidence of wear. At Cruz Landscaping in Lexington, South Carolina, we have more than 14 years of expertise to repair your pool to its former glory.


When cracks begin to appear in your pool, it is important to know if they are surface cracks or structural cracks. Pool shells and plaster can develop surface cracks, also known as shrinkage cracks. During installation of the pool, or during periods of extreme temperature, surface cracks can appear. You may see surface cracks in random places. Even though you might want to repair them for aesthetic reasons, they won't leak.

A structural crack in your pool indicates that it is already leaking or is about to leak. Typically, these are found at the base or along the sides of the pool's shell. It's important to repair structural cracks as quickly as possible.

Broken Lights

Whether your pool has a cracked light, flickers, or won't turn on, electricity and water make a dangerous combination. If your pool needs light fixture repair, it's best to leave this job to professionals.

Peeling and Re-plastering in Lexington

The plaster of a pool usually starts peeling or flaking after several years. By keeping moisture out of the structure, the plaster helps protect it from damage. With routine maintenance, you can usually repair minor flaking in your pool. If you have had the same plaster on your pool for more than 10-15 years, it may be time for professional re-plastering.

If you're ready to design a new pool, or just need to repair your current one, reach out to Cruz Landscaping, the premier pool, landscape, and hardscape designer in Lexington, SC. Our team is looking forward to working with you to design the pool of your dreams! Give us a call at (803) 721-4085 to learn more about our services or request an estimate in Lexington and the surrounding South Carolina communities.

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Posted: July 31, 2021

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